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Description Of Work: Installed new vinyl liner and converted to salt system
Comments: Everything was done expertly and efficiently. Anders removed the old liner, repaired flaws in the basin, measured twice and ordered the liner we selected (Tara). While the water was out, I had the steps repaired and reenforced by Stan Smith of Cullman. When the pool liner came in, they installed it professionally and I have yet to find a single wrinkle. While I was refilling the pool, a different Anders guy came out, installed the salt system and explained to me how to use it. Everything worked the first time and continues to work perfectly. The pool is beautiful and feels great to swim in. We are extremely pleased.
-Frank E.

Description Of Work: My pool liner had a large rip and needed replacing.
The pool liner that I wanted was on backorder and was explained upfront during the estimate. I got three different estimates from other pool companies. I chose Anders due to their knowledge and professionalism. Their estimate was comparable to the other two estimates I received. Once the liner was in, I received a call to schedule my installation. I was explained that my appoinment may change based upon the weather. The day prior Anders came out and placed a pump into the pool and drained the rest of the water. They returned the next day and installed the liner. During the installation, they discovered that my pool light was very rusty and called me to see if I wanted it replaced after providing me with an amended estimate. After installation, I had one small issue where part of the liner pulled away from the track on the coping. I called Anders and they send someone back out and had it back in place prior to me coming home from work. I would use Anders Pool again.
-Stephen L.

Description Of Work: Pool Service - Cleaning and Maintenance
Comments: My experience with them was excellent. They are very timely. They are not the least expensive or the most expensive in the town. However, they saved me money by recommending alternatives. They are very trustworthy. They are very confident about their work. I would use them again in the future.
-Charles B.


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